One Angry Harley-Davidson XG750

Suicide Machine Co. blends art and speed

We started with a Harley-Davidson platform, which Harley traditionally has associated with open road cruisers but now wanted to present in an atypical fashion. The basis of this build was 100-percent performance driven. We took design inspiration from performance streetbikes as well as GP and TT racebikes and built our version, which would be perfectly suited for winding mountain roads but definitely more at home on the racetrack. In racing, lighter is better, so we used as many lightweight components as possible, from the aluminum bodywork to the carbon-fiber wheels and swingarm. There really isn't much to the bike when you look at it; it's a bare-bones racebike to its core. There's a saying that "every racebike is a show bike, but not every show bike is a racebike," and I think that speaks to the art of speed. Bikers can appreciate a well-balanced machine built purely for speed just like a well-composed painting. Both are works of art in their own right.

Both my brother and I have also been referred to as walking works of art because of our heavily tattooed appearances. The tattoos we have don’t necessarily define who we are as people per se. We like to think they stand to enhance each of our persons as a whole. Our bike fits into that same idea with its paint job in place of tattoos. The paint job isn’t a main focal point and I really wouldn’t define this as a racebike but it works with the bike as a whole and only adds to the overall art of speed to our build.

This stripped-down streetfighter shows what’s possible with the XG750.Michael Lichter Photography
The new tank won’t hold a lot of gas but it looks cool and this bike isn’t exactly intended for all-day touring anyway.Michael Lichter Photography
Skinny little strip of a seat, like you’d find on a racer.Michael Lichter Photography
Here’s how you get a grip on this machine.Michael Lichter Photography
Suicide Machine Co. fabricated the new frame from 4130 chrome-moly.Michael Lichter Photography
Carbon fiber doing its job: hanging tough and keeping weight down.Michael Lichter Photography
Those Öhlins legs were shortened just for this project.Michael Lichter Photography
Oh, yeah, that single-sided BST swingarm is carbon fiber too!Michael Lichter Photography
Imagine the fun you could have flicking this baby at the track.Michael Lichter Photography