Suzuki Announces the TU250X for 2015

Small but stylish 250 picked up for another year

It may seem like it's pretty early in the year, but many manufacturers have already begun to announce their lineups for the 2015 model year. One of these is Suzuki, with the news that it will be offering the appealing TU250X for the North American market for 2015. Although it wasn't formally in the 2014 lineup, the single cylinder TU made the cut in 2013, so not much has changed in that short time. With a classic but not overly retro style, the Suzuki TU250X combines basic two-wheel design with a fuel-injected single-cylinder engine and a reasonable price point, which makes it a prime candidate for style-starved hipsters and weekday commuters alike.

The single-cylinder, 250cc air-cooled engine exposes its cooling fins for old-school style, while modern performance is enhanced by the Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve fuel-injection system and digital ignition. The engine is tuned to deliver strong low-end torque and quick throttle response, while it lets riders enjoy gas-sipping fuel economy. And the 3.2-gallon fuel tank means riders will enjoy long road sessions in between fuel stops. The bike’s exhaust system is complete with a catalytic convertor to help keep emissions low.

The TU250X is a good fit for newbies too, with its long and comfortable padded seat positioned low -- just 30.3 inches. Veteran riders will also enjoy the modern ride, along with timeless features like the round headlight, sweptback and low-slung chrome exhaust, polished crank side case and more. The TU250X runs on chrome-plated spoke wheels, with the front wheel stopped by a hydraulic disc brake using a dual-piston caliper for consistent brake activation.

A classic steel-tube frame and naked styling helps keep the TU’s curb weight down to just 326 pounds. The 2015 Suzuki TU250X is available in a Metallic Silver-and-Glass Black style, at a suggested retail price of $4,399. It'll be arriving in Suzuki dealers this month.

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