Indian Motorcycle Chief Vintage Limited Edition | Hail to the Chief | Between the Lines

Clearly Polaris is abuzz with new activity in several departments, but a fresh model from its Indian subsidiary will just come in its own sweet time. A clean-sheet design isn’t expected until next year (inside sources say new Polaris-built Indians will roll out in August of 2013, to coincide with the brand re-launch in model year 2014), but Indian Motorcycle has wisely decided to make a showing at Sturgis with a sort-of ‘new’ model for the 2013 model year. Check out the classy, high-zoot Chief Vintage Limited Edition, which features gleaming pearl white and thunder black two-tone paint, enhanced by healthy doses of chrome, including the highway pegs and an arrow-style shift rod.

That plush passenger backrest is also a quick-detach unit (as is the luggage rack) so you can go from long-haul touring to profiling in a jiffy. The deep-fendered, fringe-heavy iconic styling is business as usual, but the ultra-elegant paint looks timeless. Indian Motorcycle says it will produce only 35 LE Units, priced at $37,899 US.

In addition to the Limited Edition, Indian will still offer the Chief Vintage, the Classic, and the Dark Horse, all available by the time you read this.