Harley-Davidson's New LongBlock Replacement Program

Harley-Davidson owners with old and tired engines can now replace and upgrade their powerplants through a new engine replacement service from the company called the LongBlock Program.

The company says the new program is designed to be more flexible than the outgoing remanufacturing program because turnaround time is faster and customization options are greater.

The LongBlock Program allows you to keep your original Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number while upgrading the engine and internal components to the latest specifications. It comes with 12-month, unlimited mileage warranty from the factory.

Harley says you need to take your motorcycle to a dealer where the engine is pulled and the left-side case is sent to the factory (that’s the side with the VIN stamped on it). Within a maximum of 20 days a new motor is returned to the dealer for installation.

Until recently you had to send the entire motor back to them for remanufacturing. Having to ship the entire motor proved a real headache for international Harley-Davidson customers.

For prices starting at $3,495 including shipping — the final price depends on options, equipment and the time needed to do any special work — you get is a Twin Cam engine assembled with 100-percent new original equipment components.

What You Get

With the LongBlock Program you get a motor with all the important parts pre-assembled. That means the crankcase comes completely assembled with crank; flywheels; connecting rods; bearings; seals; cylinders; pistons; rings; heads; valves and springs; tappets and pushrod covers.

Harley says you also get the cam support plate; cam plate bearings; cam and timing chain drive; hydraulic tensioners and all the gaskets and hardware needed.

There are plenty of upgrades to choose from too, like a Screamin’ Eagle lefty crankcase bearing, cam bearings and performance tappets to handle the higher loads of performance upgrades.

And since Harley has improved its motors over time, the 1999-2006 LongBlock sub-assemblies are upgraded with late-model hydraulic cam tensioners, a high-volume oil pump and a billet cam plate.

The 2007-2013 103- and 110-cubic inch LongBlock engines feature factory-installed automatic compression releases.

But wait, there’s more

Harley owners who opt for the engine replacement program can select a plain or black-highlighted finish. And, if you’ve already got some money invested in your own custom parts, you can get the new engine without cam shafts, lower rocker boxes, upper rocker box covers, or cam cover.

This is why the final price depends on how much work the dealer has to perform on the motor to get it together. They may need to use your existing parts, or they may need to install hotter cams from the range offered by the company.

Owners can also select from a range of custom engine cover options, including finishes that are polished and chrome-plated, gloss black, or black wrinkle — even the Dark Custom machine-cut highlights from the Burst Collection.

A streamlined ordering process packages additional unassembled parts with the LongBlock assembly, so they will all be on hand for final assembly by the Harley-Davidson dealer. For the United States

Owners in North America — only North America — can choose to upgrade their engine displacement and performance.

Twin Cam 88 engines can be upgraded to 95 or 103-cubic-inch displacement, and Twin Cam 96 models can be upgraded to 103 or 110-cubic-inch engines. Those upgrades require electronic control module (ECM) recalibration.


Harley-Davidson's LongBlock Program info page.