Confederate's New Hellcat Growls

The new X132 Hellcat SpeedsterCourtesy Confederate Motors

Product names matter.

The motorcycle shown here cannot be called the Fuzzpuppet. It needs something stronger, something like Hellcat Speedster, which is exactly what Confederate Motors decided to call their new creation.

This X132 Hellcat Speedster is $7,000 cheaper than its predecessor, the X132 Hellcat Combat. It can be yours for a sobering $65K.

The Speedster uses the Combat as a starting point. It features the same post-apocalyptic styling and a similar I-dare-you-to-get-in-my-way stance. It is every bit as aggressive as any machine Confederate has ever made.

Courtesy Confederate Motors

For that price, you get something crafted by hand out of carbon fiber and the very best aluminum available — 6061 aircraft grade. There’s probably a piece of titanium or two in there somewhere.

The aluminum case is machined out of two chunks of aluminum. O top sits the high-output, 132-cubic-inch V-twin. That’s about 2,200cc’s, for those of you who think metric.

The motor produces a claimed 121hp and generates 140 foot pounds of torque. That’s enough power to pretzel a train rail. We originally stated that we knew of no other motorcycle engine that produced that much torque. And is so often the case, one of our readers corrected us on that. The Triumph Rocket III puts out a reported 150 foot-pounds of torque.

Courtesy Confederate Motors

The company says it will produce only 65 examples of the Hellcat Speedster. You’ll need to put down a non-refundable deposit of $10K to get on the list, with the balance — all of it — due at time of delivery.