Between The Lines | Moto Guzzi Goes West One Last Time

Europe’s Oldest Motorcycle Manufacturer Announces Final California

All good things must eventually end, and so it was that last October, Moto Guzzi announced the final run of the historic California model. After 40 years in production, the new California 90 will be the last version of the iconic model produced and imported to the U.S.

Features of the California 90 include a two-tone retro California Metallic Orange/Diamond White color scheme, with a tank logo that reproduces original Guzzi design from the 30s, a cowhide saddle and an I.D. plate certifying that it’s a limited edition.

Underneath the “Anniversario” graphic you’ll find elements inherited from the Vintage model.

Of course, the heart of the California 90 remains as it ever was: a big block 90 degree V-twin engine, displacing 1064cc and meting out all kinds of torquey goodness (69 ft. lbs. at 5000 rpm). The chassis also cribs the Vintage’s, echoing a modular double cradle with a steering angle of 29 degrees, bolstered by a 45mm Marzocchi fork at one end with preload-adjustable shocks at the other. If you want a piece of history, buzz your Guzzi dealer to pre-order; the California 90 will be available in March 2012, for an MSRP of $15,990.