Movie Motorcycles

Real iconic motorcycles from silver screen fiction

Since the early days, motorcycles have been used in films as icons of freedom, rebellion, and sex. From the old Panhead chopper that Captain America rides in Easy Rider, to the H-D Fatboy in Terminator, we love seeing motorcycles in cinema! Whether it is a real motorcycle or a fictional one, hopefully you'll see it below!

Note: Ghost Rider's bike starts as a H-D Panhead chopper, then morphs into a Yamaha V-Max. We can keep that under fictional, as I don't know of any motorcycle that can transform.

Get the details on your favorite movie motos here, thanks to this awesome infographic from TitleMax!

Movie Motorcycles
Iconic motorcycles from movie fictionTitleMax

Have you seen any motorcycles in the movies that you want identified? We love a challenge! Shoot me an email at and see if we can't figure it out!