Motorcycle News Roundup: Time to Stop Anti-Motorcyclist Bias in Health Insurance. Motorcycling Is Good for You. Rider Survives 200-Foot Fall After Crash

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What's worse than fuel taxes? It's okay to kill riders if you are just careless. Will Americade move? News from Laconia. The "other guy" might be on a motorcycle too.

Bills to End Anti-Rider Insurance Discrimination Hit U.S. Congress
Both the House and Senate have bills to fill loopholes in a law that was supposed to keep health insurers from excluding injuries sustained on motorcycles, ATVs, horses or anything else that might be considered dangerous.
AMA DirectLink
Horse Council (Microsoft Word .doc)
The Orator (Text of Bill)

Motorcycling Is Good for You
Motorcycling itself is good for you, and a British study found that riders had healthier-than-average lifestyles.
Motor Cycle News, UK

Killing Two Riders Was Merely "Careless"
That's the ruling in the New Mexico case where an unlicensed teenager crossed the centerline and killed two Colorado riders and injured others. To face more serious charges he had to be "reckless" (apparently driving without a license or an instructor isn't reckless in The Land of Enchantment), but you might think he at least deserved a ticket. This decision could prompt a boycott of New Mexico events by Colorado riders.
Denver Post, CO

You Think Fuel Taxes Are Bad?
In an idea that could only be dreamed up by a Bureaucrat, Britain's Transport Secretary wants to tax you by the mile instead of using fuel taxes. He doesn't seem to care that this scheme obviously would require a new bureacracy and much more complication. The Brits aren't the only loonies though. Some American bureaucrats want to tax aircraft use in much the same way and with the same consequences. Maybe the U.S. will do the same on its highways.
Motor Cycle News, UK

Could Americade Leave New York?
The state's labor laws could force the touring event, which has been held at Lake George for almost a quarter century, to go elsewhere.

As Motorcycle Deaths Rise, Do More Helmet Law Repeals Make Sense?
Deaths and head injuries go up when helmet laws are repealed or loosened. Does freedom trump safety?
Detroit Free Press, MI

Harley Exec Was Top Milwaukee Option-Exerciser in 2004
Harley chairman Jeff Bleustein reaped more than $42.3 million in options last year. This is an issue in a suit that claims that the company concealed flattening sales.

Rider Survives 200-Foot Fall Following Crash on Bridge
Other riders have died in the same place. This motorcyclist may think his helmet was the best investment he ever made.
Pittsburgh Tribune Review, PA
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA

Grim Reminders: Watch for Deer
We think of deer as being a danger at dusk and after dark, but both of these fatal collisions happened near mid-day.
Galesburg Register Mail, IL
Asbury Park Press, NJ

...And Other Riders, Apparently
These stories of two riders colliding head-on are getting to be an almost weekly occurance this summer. This week we saw three (one in England).
Edmonton Sun, Canada
Capital News 9 TV, NY
Yorkshire Post, UK

Bike Buyer Beware
They paid for the bike, but got no title, just an $11,000 debt., SC

A Look at the Older Rider/Older Crasher Issue
As older riders dominate the accident stats, theories abound concerning the reasons
St. Petersburg Times, FL

Macon, Georgia Area Sees Rash of Bike Thefts
There have been 17 bikes stolen recently. Apartment garages are the usual targets.
Macon Telegraph, GA

Riding Drunk Can Be Dangerous to More than Just the Rider
This drunk rider injured two children.
Daily Nonpareil, IA

Freak Wreck of the WeeK: Too Close to Home
Many crashes happen close to home, but the other party isn't usually your mom.
Thomaston Express, CT

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