Motorcycle News Roundup: Guzzi's 1200. True Outlaw Customs. Ride Vietnam. Frog Foils Fleeing Aussie.

News articles of interest to motorcyclists

Harleys as Art. Lane-splitting critics speak up. Chop shop stopped. Jurassic Park IV to have bike chase. Training for older riders. Love Ride aids Katrina victims. Polaris promotes Victory execs.

New Guzzi 1200 Tourer
The styling of the new Moto Guzzi 1200 Norge sport-touring machine says it's defintely not a cruiser, but the bigger 1160cc engine uses Guzzi's traditional across-the-frame V-twin layout, with a six-speed transmission. Future cruisers could get the motor. The Norge is named after another bike that was ridden to Norway (Norge) in gthe 1920s. (See the link below for a pic of the original Norge.)
Moto Guzzi's (Italian) announcement
SuperBike Magazine, UK
Moto Guzzi Reports The original Moto Guzzi GT Norge

Just Released: Big House Choppers—Outlaw Choppers Built by Real Outlaws
Nevada prisoners will be assembling $40,000 customs to be sold to the public under a new program. The bikes will have components made from bars from the prison. The brand name will be Big House Choppers. "There's no accounting for bad taste," remarked one prison official.
Las Vegas Sun, NV
Court TV
Glode and Mail, Canada

Washington State Considers Safety Programs for Older Riders
The growing number of over-40 crashers is getting official attention.
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA

Harley Receives Art Award
The work of Willie G. Davidson and his team was recognized at a celebration of contemporary art in Italy.
ITV Motoring, UK

Is Riding Without a Helmet a Fix-It Violation?
That's the issue in a California court case. Meanwhile, the rider in question is holding his own wake.
Santa Cruz Sentinel, CA
San Jose Mercury News, CA

Want to Get Away from It All? Ride Vietnam
Tired of interstates and plastic fast food? Ride with the water buffalo.
Washington Post, DC

A Skeptical Look at Lane-Splitting
We have been doing it for years and believe it should be legalized in states besides California. Here is an informed opposing view.
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, CA Recent article
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, CA Original article
Motorcycle Cruiser Our view and advice concerning lane-splitting

Motorcycle Chop Shops Skip Choppers
Sportbikes, which disappear at the rate of dozens per month in some areas, are the favorite targets of thieves in most places because their easily damaged bodywork is expensive to replace, especially if it isn't insured. However, some of the same methods of moving stolen iron also applies to cruisers.
Roanoke Times, VA
Daily Press, VA
Orlando Sentinel, FL

22nd Annual Love Ride
The largest one-day charity ride drew upwards of 20,000 riders this year. The proceeds—almost$1.5 million—go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Reading by 9 and hurricane Katrina relief. The dowside is that about a dozen motorcycles were stolen.Los Angeles Daily News, CAThe Signal, CALos Angeles Daily News, CANAMEKABC-TV, CA

Polaris Promotes Head of Victory Division
Mark Blackwell, who has headed the Victory division of Polaris Industries as General Manager, has been promoted to VP and other appointments and promotions were announced.
AXcess News

Jurassic Park IV to Include Motorcycle Chase
The film's characters will attempt to escape velociraptors on motorcycles.

Nun Run One
Sisters team up up with Retreads to get gifts for kids.
Galveston County Daily News, TX

Stupid Bike Tricks
Brit biker dogs ambulance rushing to heart-attack victim. Jailer goes to jail after provoking cop crash. And the inevitable run-from-the-cops morons.
The Comet, UK
Daily Times, Pakistan
Clovis News Journal, NM
Houston Chronicle, TX
Fresno Bee, CA
Long Island Press, NY
Indianapolis Star, IN

Wreck of the Week: Toad Topples Rider Running from the Law
Last week's notable crash was the result of a collision between a deer and a group of riders. This week, a rider was running from the cops when he hit a completely different kind creature, causing him to crash. But don't mourn the animal, Australian officials are trying to cut back the population of cane toads. Maybe they'll shorten the rider' sentence for taking one out., Australia

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Moto Guzzi Norge
This is a cane toad, we think.