Motorcycle Headlines, Week of September 15, 2003

A fires razes the British Motorcycle Museum, a memorial ride for Randy Scott will be held Oct. 4., Vietnam is trying LPG for motorcycle fuel, and New Yorkers get lemon-law protection.

A UK museum fire, the NY lemon law, Scott memorial set, LPG-powered bikes are the major motorcycle stories this week

British National Motorcycle Museum Loses 650 in Fire

One of the biggest motorcycle stories of the week has been the fire that swept through the British National Motorcycle Museum, damaging or destroying about 650 motorcycles from the museums amazing collection. The structure was 60% destroyed, and the loss was valued at as much as $20 million. The cost to motorcycling's heritage was priceless. The fire was reportedly caused by a discarded cigarette. You can read more in the following stories.

Memorial Ride Planned for Randy Scott, the Rider Killed by Congressman Janklow

So far, most of the attention has focused on the South dakotya conressman who ran a stop sign and killed him, but on October 4, fellow riders will remember Randy Scott.

Vietnam Building LPG-Powered Motorcycles

In an effort to fight air pollution, Vietnam is planning a fleet of motorcycles converted to run on cheaper, clean-burning liquid-petroleum gas. We are dispatching Andy Cherney to investigate.

New York Motorcycle Buyers Get Lemon Law Protection

A billed signed into law last week gives new motorcycles lemon-law coverage in New York state.

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A fire swept through the British Motorcycle Museum, destroying over 600 historic motorcycles.
This Valkyrie doesn't have anything to do with the stories listed here, but we thought it was entertaining.