Moto Guzzi 750 V-Twin Motorcycle Due in April

New Nevada 750 will extend the Italian marque's cruiser line, currently all 1100s, to a smaller, more accessible segment of the American Motorcycle market. By _ Art Friedman.

Moto Guzzi will broaden its range of cruiser motorcycles this spring with the introduction of the 744cc Nevada. Moto Guzzi's current U.S. cruiser line consists of six 1100c California models.

Though it's based on the same across-the-frame air-cooled 90-degree engine style, the Nevada should make Moto Guzzi's cruiser attractive to a wider range od riders.

At 388 pounds dry, the Nevada is over 150 pounds lighter than the next-lightest Guzzi cruiser, the California Stone (541 pounds). The Nevada looks leaner too, thanks to features like a 3.7-gallon fuel tank (instead of the 1100s' 5.0 gallons), slimmer (40mm instead of 45mm) fork legs, slightly shorter suspension travel, and a smaller rear wheel (130/90-16). However, according to Moto Guzzi's figures, the Nevada's 30.3-inch saddle height is about .4 inches taller than the Stone's.

The Nevada's engine is based closely on the bigger California mill, but with a narrower bore and shorter stroke and 30mm Dell'Orto carbs instead of EFI used on the 1064cc California models. It has the 90-degree V-twin design with pushrods operating each cylinder's two valves, but it lacks the but no hydraulic lifters of the bigger engine. It makes about 46 horsepower.

The price is expected to be $6990.

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