Lord of the Bikes: Bogu

Japanese inspired Moto Guzzi custom from Dragoni Moto

"The Bogu is the armor of the Japanese warrior. Make this motion has allowed us to create a piece of history of Japan.

The integrated mask fairing was done all by hand : We purposely left the signs of the process to represent the hard blows suffered by Japan in the course of history.

All other processes are flawless and perfect to demonstrate the determination, precision and soul of the warrior that does not scratch, ready to begin again to fight its own challenges."
(google translated from Italian)

'Bogu' custom Moto Guzzi by Dragoni Moto
'Bogu' custom Moto Guzzi by Dragoni MotoMoto Guzzi

Theme bikes are usually super lame. They tend to lack creativity and overuse the one design element that the builder decided upon.

"This is my America bike! It's red white and blue, has stars on the wheels and the seat says 'Merica!"

We get it. We here at Cruiser love America more than most, but hey-- we also like good looking motorcycles. Creative designers and the ones that we tend to follow usually pull from more than one element. You'll see a lot of hyphens and slashes when trying to describe them. Tracker-ish bobbed out, cafe-style cruiser. It's drawing from inspiration, rather than hammering a theme.

While 'Bogu' is a Japanese inspired bike, we wouldn't call it a theme bike in the slightest. Pulling from many elements of history and culture, but delivering one cohesive, rideable, great looking motorcycle.

'Bogu' custom Moto Guzzi by Dragoni Moto
Custom exhaust on 'Bogu' custom Moto Guzzi by Dragoni MotoMoto Guzzi

Handmade raw wooden elements clash with clean fab and smooth lines in the best way. Elements of the body work appear to be damascus steel, no doubt a tribute to Japan's long legacy of sword and knife making. The symbol for Bogu adorns the tail section and the front fairing.

With a budget of only 3000 euros and 120 hours, the three builders had their work cut out for them.

'Bogu' custom Moto Guzzi by Dragoni Moto
Wood foot controls on 'Bogu' custom Moto Guzzi by Dragoni MotoMoto Guzzi
'Bogu' custom Moto Guzzi by Dragoni Moto
The rough faceplate on 'Bogu" was left to show the imperfections.Moto Guzzi

Bogu is the name for traditional Kendo armor. Kendo is the martial art of fighting with wooden swords, developed in Japan as a way for Samurai and students to practice. The front mask, as they mentioned above was left raw to show the strife that Japan has overcome in their history. The faceplate of the bike holds the lines of a Bogu Men and is undeniably recognizable as the martial arts garment.

In the end, the bike is clean and exceptional in nearly every way. It's lightweight and fast, looks amazing, but isn't overly gaudy or obnoxious. It is packed to the gills with details that unknowing bystanders might walk right past, but the trained eye could stare at for hours.

Bogu Moto Guzzi
Rear wheel and shaft drive on 'Bogu' custom Moto GuzziMoto Guzzi

'Bogu' is the first of many Moto Guzzi's we will feature as part of their new Lord of the Bikes contest, pitting dealers against each other to build the most extreme custom Guzzi.

Stay tuned for more from us and check out GarageMotoGuzzi.com to see more!