Lee Parks Design DeerTours Gloves

Simply refined to maximize comfort, durability, and protection

Lee Parks Deer Tour Gloves in black deer leather on an Indian ChieftainMorgan Gales

When you’ve been riding as long as Lee Parks has, you have a lot of time to think over the items you use everyday. Your gloves are your main point of contact with your motorcycle and typically the first thing to hit the ground in the case of an accident. They need to be strong and protective, but also comfortable and ideally light enough to still let you feel the details of whatever you’re handling. Lee has refined the DeerTours Gloves down to a comfortable minimum that still manages to check all the critical boxes, and with quality construction and attention to every detail, should last you many riding seasons.

As the name suggests, the DeerTours gloves are made entirely of deer leather, which typically results in a product softer and stronger than cowhide gloves. In order to reduce failures along the seams, which is a common place for them in other gloves, Lee and his company have managed to reduce the glove to only four seams in total. Each of those four seams is also double sewn, with two threads through each hole to maximize strength. The knuckles and the palm are both reinforced with a second layer of leather and double stitched for strength. They close with a single Velcro strap at the bottom, again keeping things simple.

New DeerTours calloutsMorgan Gales

The DeerTours run about a half size bigger than most gloves that I’ve worn, so if you’re typically in between, go for the smaller option. If the gloves get too dirty to wipe clean, you can wash them in the sink and let them dry on your hands, and they should fit even better afterward.

They’re simple and reliable because they’ve been refined by an expert. You don’t need a ton of features, but the features you do need are incredibly important. For under $100, you get a lot of glove, and with cheap repairs offered from Lee Parks Design, they’ll last you through many riding seasons.