Korea's Hyosung Motorcycles Sets Up U.S. ImporterAnd Will Sell 650 Avitar

Korea's Hyosung Motors Will Import The New GV650 Avitar Cruiser Using Its New American Distributor In Augusta, Georgia.

Formerly imported under the Alphasports brand, South Korea's Hyosung Motors has established a distributor for the United States. Hyosung Motors America, Inc., located in Augusta, Georgia, will now import Hyosung's motorcycles to the United States under its own brand name. The sophisticated new GV650 Aquila cruiser will also be launched in the spring of 2006.

Our readers are probably most faimilar with Hyosung's products in the form of the AlphaSports GV250 cruiser, our favorite 250cc cruiser. Before Hyosung Motors America was set up, the Hyosungs were imported as Alphas and distrbuted in the U.S. by AlphaSports Motors, also in Augusta, Georgia.

With its new 647cc V-twins, Hyosung signals its intent to compete in market sectors beyond the 250cc and under category. It has recently started producing 650 models in both sporting and its new cruiser styles.

The new GV650 Avitar is a unique model, though the perimeter frame, two-into-one exhaust and 41mm inverted fork suggest a sporting influence, the adjustable forward footpeg location, pullback handlebar, long 66.9-inch wheelbase, and drawn-out 95.6-inch overall length say that it is defintely a cruiser. Despite its size, claimed dry weight is just 485 pounds. It has triple disc brakes, and uses a carbon-fiber-reinforced belt final drive. The fuel tank holds 4.5 gallons. The LCD instruments include a digital speedometer, and the taillight is a LED type.. It uses cast wheels and tubeless radial tires, a 120/70-ZR18 front and a 180/55-ZR17 rear.

The liquid-cooled 90-degree V-twin uses dual overhead camshafts driving four valves per cylinder. It has two 41mm Mikuni carbs and five speeds. The GV650 Avitar's suggested price is $6199.

Hyosung also makes a sporting-oriented 650 V-twin, in these three versions:

Hyosung Motors and Machinery, Inc. is Korea's largest motorcycle manufacturer, building 200,000 motorcycles a year. The company has been building small motorcycles since 1979, when it started producing 80s and 125s under license from Suzuki. It introduced a 50cc moped of its own design in 1987, and started building bigger bikes (100cc) of its own design in 1996. It's first 650, the Comet, was announced in 2003. It also supplies components to Korea's burgeoning automobile industry.

Contact Information
Hyosung Motors America, Inc.
502 Shartom Drive
Augusta, GA 30907

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The new 650 Avitar is due to arrive in early 2006.
Hyosung's 650 cruiser has three disc brakes.
The LCD instruments include a digital speedometer.
Final drive is via a carbon-fiber-reinforced belt.
Hyosung's 250 cruiser, dubbed the Aquila, was our favorite when we compared 250s. It's currently $2895.
Hyosung's 650 cruiser in silver.
Pale blue.
Hyosung GT650 Comet
Hyosung GT650S
Hyosung GT650R