Kawasaki Announces Vulcan 2000 Limited Edition Motorcycle for 2005

Kawasaki has created a limited-production variation of its 2053cc V-twin flagship motorcycle

Kawasaki will build just 500 of the new Vulcan 2000 Limited, which was unveiled at its 2005 dealer meeting in San Diego, California. That means fewer than one per motorcycle dealer, so the bike actually lives up to its name. Although the Vulcan 2000 Limited is functionally the same as the standard Vulcan 2000 V-twin motorcycle, the Limited gets a special red-smoked paint scheme on the 5.5-gallon fuel tank and steel fenders, chrome-plated wheels, chromed drive-belt pulley, chromed engine covers, and a "2000 Limited" inscription in the chrome airbox on the right side of the big 2053cc engine. The 2005 Vulcan 2000 also has a reconfigured sidestand to make it easier to get the bike upright off the sidestand.

The Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 Limited will sell for $15,999. The standard version of the machine, which will be available in black, blue and green, is $14,499.

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