Justin Bieber Quits Instagram! Who cares!?

Five Instagram accounts you should have been following instead

If you're not a thirteen year old girl, you probably couldn't care less that Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram. Now you'll never be able to see what he's wearing or having for breakfast! What are you going to do!? Probably exactly what you were doing before, just like us.

Social media is a hell of a tool, but it's full of a hell of a lot of tools. Here are five of our favorite accounts of fabricators, builders, curators, and collectors. Go check out their pages, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

@Eastern_Fabrications - Lock Baker
Lock is a motorcycle fabricator in the truest sense. Handmaking and machining everything from a swingarm, to making his own Harley-style low end, to layering his own steel and forging flawless damascus knives. If you like bikes, fabrication, and a geniune dude doing some badass stuff in his shop in Los Angeles, this is a great account to follow.
Lock Baker
@TheVintagent - Paul d'Orleans
Paul is a motorcycle historian with a unique perspective and a life that puts him right in the middle of the motorcycling action constantly. Follow him for vintage bikes, events coverage, and general tidbits of information you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.
Paul d'Orleans
We like to bring you the latest in custom motorcycles, but there's always someone who'll get the drop on you. Meet Drop Moto. Bringing you the latest in custom bikes from around the world, awesome photos, and a little bit about each bike and builder. Follow them to go deeper down the rabbit hole of custom bikes, and find more amazing builders.
Drop Moto
@AaronBhall - Aaron Brimhall
Aaron lives the life we all wish we could, and captures it in beautiful images. Bikes, cars, boats, planes, campers, everything. He is out there, living it and loving it. Follow him if you're looking for inspiration to get off your butt and go after it, or if you just love amazing imagery of the lifestyle.
Aaron Brimhall
@Moto_Cruiser - Motorcycle Cruiser Your main boys in cruisers and custom bikes! If you don't already, check out our Instagram for custom bikes, and event coverage. We travel the US covering events, motorcycle news, and the cruiser lifestyle! Keep up with Jon, Morgan and Jordan here on the Cruiser Insta.Motorcycle Cruiser