Into the Unknown: Episode One

Building Buddy Suttle's bagger

The guys over at Unknown, Ind. are largely responsible for bringing Harley stunts to the mainstream. If you don't know the group by name, you've probably seen pictures of them riding 12 o'clock wheelies on their Dynas or this here Road Glide bagger. They're very talented, and it's freakin' awesome.

Back in 2014, in the earlier days of things Unknown, Buddy needed to build himself a stunt bike. Growing up in the Bay Area, he had seen some dudes stunting baggers, but their pipes and bags would inevitably get in the way. The goal here was to build a bagger that he could get up to 12 o'clock, so he headed out to San Diego Harley-Davidson to make it happen.

Unknown Industries bagger wheelies
Unknown, Ind. doin' what they doUnknown, Ind.

Aside from beefing up the engine, there were a handful of modifications that needed to be made to the bagger. The bags were to be cut and remolded so as not to impede on the wheelieing ability. Higher bars would be put on to bring the bike to a more familiar and aggressive stance for Buddy. Works shocks in the rear and Race Tech suspension up front make sure that the bike can handle being picked up and dropped so regularly.

Taylor Schultz topped the build off with one of his insane paint jobs. Now you can see the bike at events all over the US as buddy rides the wheels off (quite literally). For more information on Unknown, Ind. Check out their site