Hooligan Racing in Sturgis

Flat track racing with the Roland Sands crew at Sturgis Buffalo Chip

hooligan flat track racing
That's a LOT of bikes going into the first turn in the Hooligan RaceMorgan Gales

"Hooligan Racing," really is the perfect name for what they're doing out here. Taking heavy street bikes and turning them into flat track racing machines, then whipping them around the track like a bunch of hooligans!

It all started off a few years ago with people racing in the "Run What ya Brung," class, and that action growing more serious with people like Ed Subias of Hot Bike and Cameron Brewer of RSD modifying their street bikes more and more until they became full blown racers. Those two were out on the track for Hoolgan Racing at the Chip, along with many more.

Mixed experience levels produce a challenge as well. Legendary road racer Jake Zemke joined the lineup of hooligans both experienced and not, on his tricked out Ducati Scrambler, and took first.

"It's rad to have pros out there with us, it pushes us and makes us go faster," Said Cameron Brewer after the race. Cameron took second right behind Zemke in a race that was shockingly close.

Enjoy the gallery below and follow RolandSands.com for more Hooligan Racing info!

chopper hooligan flat track
There was even this crazy springer digger going around the track, "Run What Ya Brung," really does mean anything!Morgan Gales
Hooligan racing
How often will you see a Honda single racing an Indian Chief and a Star Bolt?!Morgan Gales
pro flat track crash
A little mix-up in the pro class on the first turn. The rider got back up and continued the race after this crash!Morgan Gales
Zemke Brewer Hooligan
Cameron Brewer and Jake Zemke, positions two and one of the Hooligan RaceMorgan Gales
Hooligan Roland Sands
Roland Sands hitting the first turn in the Hooligan classMorgan Gales
Buddy Suttle flat track
Buddy Suttle of Unknown, Ind. out on the track on his SportsterMorgan Gales
flat track hooligan
You can see the intensity in his eyes...Morgan Gales
Brittney Olsen flat track
Brittney Olsen of 20th Century Racing in the hand shift class on this Indian FlatheadMorgan Gales
Leticia Cline flat track hooligan
Leticia Cline getting slideways through that first turnMorgan Gales