Honda's Custom P-40 Rebel

Warhawk inspired custom Honda Rebel 500

New Honda Rebel Custom
Honda P-40 RebelHonda USA

The Honda Rebel is one of the most successful cruiser models ever made. However, after running relatively unchanged since 1985, it was more than due for an update. Get more info on the new model HERE, but with the new motorcycle, they unveiled a couple rad little custom takes on it as well.

This short little bobbed-fender rockin' cruiser is known as the P-40 Rebel, as it is inspired by the P-40 Warhawk, one of the most famous fighter planes of WWII.

By simply removing the rear fender struts and stock fender, they expose the loop in the frame that sits behind the seat- a nice detail in the frame that lends itself to a range of custom options in the rear. Small LEDs then function as running lights, brake lights and turn indicators, and attach to the rear fender by the mounting points. The lighting up front was also swapped out, with an offroad style faceplate and an LED headlight.

Honda Rebel custom
P-40 Rebel by HondaHonda USA

The rear shocks were swapped out for Ohlins, which are always an upgrade. An upswept exhaust system was installed, and treated with some heat wrap. We're not sure if the lower shroud is just a one-off custom piece or if that's something that they will be offering as a custom accessory, but with this bike, it really sets off the looks. The way the engine was painted with that same sort of digi-snow-camo really ties the room together, and the aggressive face of the P-40 just sets it off.

Honda P-40 Custom
Honda P-40 Rebel CustomHonda Motorsports

While the shape of the gas tank really does work on this build, the trellis frame limits the options for customizers. Rather than a tubular frame, where most custom tanks can be made to work, the gas tank on a frame like this tends to double as a cover for the internals of the bike, and is much harder to work around when trying to fabricate something to fit.

The wheels, tires and brakes all stayed stock, and the dual 16s work well with the bobbed style of this custom. Moving forward, we're interested to see what home builders and dealerships will do with this new model, and can't wait to get our hands on one ourselves!