Honda Valkyrie Tracker from 2WheelsMiklos

A truly unique six-cylinder beast of a cruiser

custom Honda Valkyrie
Custom Honda Valkyrie by 2WheelsMiklos2WheelsMiklos

When designing a custom bike, looks are always important, but you never want them to be the MOST important. If form overtakes function as the primary motivation, you'll end up with some rolling sculpture of a motorcycle that isn't much good for anything other than looking at. It's the balance that entices us. The lines of a custom cafe/ tracker with the 6-cylinder heart of a Honda Valkyrie. Something we thought we would never see, but are sure glad we did.

This brilliantly unique bike comes from custom and restoration house 2WheelsMiklos in Surrey, just south of London. Bruce from 2WheelsMiklos had been a fan of Cruiser and sent in some pictures, and we couldn't be happier he did. The way they blend cruiser cool with aggressive parts and performance is that sort of form-meets-function beauty that we spend hours scouring the internet for, and they've pulled it off flawlessly.

custom Honda Valkyrie
Tribal paint on the top of the Valkyrie tank2WheelsMiklos

They chose a 2000 Honda Valkyrie: a beast with a 1520cc carbureted straight six-cylinder engine. After having owned and ridden a Valkyrie since 1998, and having recently completed another power-cruiser build based around a Triumph Rocket III, the Honda was their next choice.

Built as a true cruiser and designed to be ridden on both open highway and city streets, the bike is equipped with low bars and mid controls, as well as taller rear shocks and new fork internals for better handling. The exhaust system and the seat/ tail section were fabbed in house, using some parts from a Rocket III. After blacking out nearly everything with paint or anodization, the Supertrapp exhaust tip, handlebars, mirrors and blinkers were sourced and installed to add those finishing touches.

custom Honda Valkyrie
2WheelsMiklos custom Honda Valkyrie2WheelsMiklos

When asked to define their building style in three words they said "aggressive, distinctive, and rideable," which is perfect. Their bikes are unique, based off a variety of platforms but all great looking. Most of all, they're all very rideable. Every bike that comes out of their garage was built to ride, and each one of them looks like it would be a blast.

custom honda valkyrie
Custom Honda Valkyrie tail section and saddlebag2WheelsMiklos
Custom Honda Valkyrie
Honda Valkyrie custom LED dual headlight setup2WheelsMiklos

To see this bike in person, you can go by their shop in Surrey or go online to their site to see some of their other amazing builds. They are currently working on a Triumph Scrambler, a Yamaha 900 Cafe Racer, as well as a raw Ironhead for the shop.

Check them out at for more motorcycle gold.