Harley: Jerry Lee Lewis' `59 Panhead Auctioned for $350,000

Goodness Gracious Great Wads of Cash

In 1959 Harley-Davidson aimed its sights on younger riders by giving two young singers of that newfangled rock n' roll music a couple of new motorcycles. One was Elvis Presley. The other was Jerry Lee Lewis.

Presley's Harley has been found in mythical garages almost as many times as he's been sighted since his death. Lewis' 1959 FLH, though, is in mint shape and has spent its life as a cherished part of his collection. It even has low mileage: 2257 to be exact. Recently, the legendary rocker sold his prized `59 at Mecum's auction at the Osceola Heritage Park in Florida. The price: $350,000.

The Big Twin wasn't Lewis' first Harley-Davidson, nor his last. His first was a 1957 FLH that he bought brand new after his album "Crazy Arms" sold over 300,000.

If you missed the auction, don't worry. Mecum's is auctioning over 230 antique bikes owned by noted collector E.J. Cole, in March. The event takes place at the South Pointe Casino March 20-21.