Harley-Davidson Slim S Project: New Air Cleaner & Exhaust

Harley Davidson Softail Slim S gets a new Screamin' Eagle Air Cleaner & Exhaust

The second part of our Slim S project is upon us! This one was an easy guess and I am sure all of you guessed this part of our project. I added a set of Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon slip-on mufflers with the Screamin' Eagle end caps to finish off the look. The Slim S comes stock with a high flow air intake, but we decided to replace it with a more aesthetically pleasing version. We got the Screamin' Eagle Ventilator Elite air cleaner kit to do give the Slim s a more aggressive look to it.

For only upgrading the mufflers it sounds surprisingly different, and in a good way too! It has a very nice, deeper note to it now and the good thing with Screamin' Eagle is, it is still under the legal decibel limit (street legal). So you can rest easy as you are riding next to one of those pesky highway patrol officers. Since the Slim S comes with an already blacked out exhaust, we saved money by not needing to purchase a set of black header heat-shields. And saving money is always a plus.

Replacing the OEM air cleaner was not really necessary because as i mentioned earlier, the Slim S comes with a high-flow right off the showroom floor. For me personally, I am not a huge fan of the new clam shell styled air cleaner covers that Harley has started using starting with the Rushmore Project. So replacing it was more of a styling choice for us rather than a performance upgrade. I Like the oval shape from Screamin' Eagle much better. And the Ventilator Elite has some nice carbon fiber in-lays to make the cover really pop long with the Screamin' Eagle badge that is sandwiched between the two.

For only upgrading the mufflers it sounds surprisingly different, and in a good way too!

So like I said this part of the project was most likely guessed by all of you out there, but let us know what you think of our choices of mufflers and air cleaner kit. Would you have picked a different set? We have one more part to this project and we will be getting that together within the next few weeks so keep checking! The last part of the project is going to change the style of the bike in a big way, and I am very excited to get the next step installed. One more thing left guys, what do you think it will be? Keep the ideas flowing and we will see you back here soon!

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