Harley-Davidson Road King Special – Tested

Modern styled from the factory FLHRXS

new flhrxs
6' Jon McDevitt on the '17 Road King Special in Vivid Black. Helmet: Simpson Ghost Bandit Carbon FiberBrian J Nelson

I was out in Daytona for Bike Week with Harley-Davidson testing out the new Road King Special. The new Road King is equipped with the new 107 Milwaukee-Eight and the Showa Dual Bending Valve Suspension just like the standard Road King so you get the great riding capability and performance as its standard sibling. The Road King Special focusses all its glory in the aesthetics department and it hit the mark.

hard candy custom paint for harley-davidson
2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special in Hard Candy Hot Red FlakeBrian J Nelson

Coming in at around $3,000 more than the standard it is a smoking deal in the sense that if you were to take the standard Road King and turn it into the Special, it would cost you well above that $3,000 price tag.

blacked out harley bagger
Stealthy all blacked Road King, the Road King Special is eye catching for sure.Brian J Nelson

So let’s look at what exactly you get with the Special. We will start in the front of the bike and work our way to the back. Up front you get the black front end kit including, nacelle, headlamp trim ring, fork tubes and cans, mirrors, levers, bullet turn signals with smoked lenses, black 10” mini apes and a black engine guard along with a clean front fender. The wheels are also black and are a 19” up front and an 18” in the rear. The wheels are not the same old mags either, you get the Turbine Cast Aluminum wheels. Keeping up with the blacked out feel you get all blacked out engine covers, floorboards and passenger pegs, air cleaner and exhaust. Out back you get extended saddlebags along with the upgraded rear fender to match the rest of the touring models with the two bullet turn signal/brake light assembly which has a black bracket and housing.

h-d bagger
The 10" mini ape hanger handlebars are a comfortable fit for this 6' editor.Brian J Nelson

So everyone yammering on about getting less of a bike and paying $3,000 more can just quiet themselves right down. Yes, you lose the windshield, and auxiliary lighting up front but that’s it. You gain more than you loose and if you like that old-school crap…. I mean wonderful nostalgic heritage inspiring glory, you can still get the standard for $3,00 less and stay in the past.

blacked out bagger
A modern styled Road King from the factory, the FLHRXS, new to 2017Brian J Nelson

Like I said the bike handles excellent with the new to '17 SDBV suspension and we are big fans of the power delivery on the also new M8 engine platform.

In short, great bike, great style and great price, regardless of what you buffoons think (Go to H-D and Price out all that black powdercoat along with everything else you get and tell me it is less bike for more money, I’ll wait)