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Newest Motorcycle Products

Only Happy When It Rains
Not really, though you might crack a smile if you don Harley-Davidson's new High Visibility Rain Suit when the skies turn gray. Made of lightweight waterproof nylon, the suit features a mesh lining, double storm-flap zippered front and a neoprene-based Lycra stretch hood to shut out moisture. The pants include suspenders, stirrups, an anti-slip backside and heat shields to combat hot exhaust pipes. With its high-viz orange and reflective stripes, you'll probably be more noticeable on stormy days, too. It's $150 at Harley-Davidson dealers or www.harley-davidson.com.

Plenty Of Room At The Rideinn
At least there's plenty of room for a motorcycle. The RideInn retractable canopy storage system is designed for outdoor or indoor use-especially for protecting custom, show and seldom-used vehicles. The RideInn is 46 inches wide and 6 feet tall on the inside and can expand from 18 inches long (fully open) to between 6 feet 10 inches and 10 feet 10 inches when closed. The top is UV-resistant, waterproof nylon, and the frame is heavy-duty steel. Get yourself a RideInn for $425 at www.rideinnusa.com.

I Got A Rattlesnake For A Necktie And A
Cobra for an exhaust system. In this case, it's Cobra's new True-Dual 2-into-2 Head Pipes for Harley-Davidson FLH models. The pipes use 1 31/44-inch head pipes, adding one-piece 2.5-inch heat shielding to maintain visual proportion with the touring bikes. Cobra claims the pipes are "designed to deliver optimal torque and power while improving the motorcycle's rideability." The $370 head pipes will accept stock mufflers or any of four custom models from Cobra. Find a local dealer at www.cobrausa-hd.com.

Better Than Batman's Belt
We riders need gear to make our riding days more pleasant. Now Aerostich offers its Utility and Care Kits-so that we can come to our own rescue. Each kit comes in its own small nylon pouch. The Utility Kit includes bike-useful items, such as an LED penlight, tire gauge, earplugs and more. The Care Kit is rider-health specific, with bee sting ampules, eye drops and lip balm included in the mix. Visit www.aerostich.com and plunk down $57 for the Utility Kit and $37 for the Care Kit.

Round And Round
Take heart, Suzuki M109R riders-if you feel slighted on the availability of custom wheels for your scoot, look to Performance Machine. It now has a complete line of wheels-12 designs-both chrome and anodized black with matching brake rotors and even a chrome, radial-mount brake caliper. Fronts come in 18- or 19-inch sizes, and rear wheels are a stock 8.5- or 10-inch width that will support a 280mm tire. Prices start at $800 for the front and $1300 for the rear. Find your local dealer at www.performancemachine.com.