Todd Eagan fell in love with the soul of his Moto Guzzi California back in 1999. He has now put more than 265,000 miles on that bike, transforming it over the years as only he can, making it better in both aesthetics and performance. But through all of the bike's custom versions, it maintained that Guzzi engine with the soul that won Eagan over decades ago. Ever since that first bike, the Italian platform has called to him, but not stock. Never stock. Eagan's company, GuzziTech, is dedicated to unlocking the potential of the longitudinal V-twin through his own chassis design and integration of other high-performance parts. He did it in the past with the GTM01, and now he's doing it again, more refined and production ready, with the GTM02.

Left: The GTM02 with a bobber-style seat integrating turn signals and taillight into the underside of its seat pan, as well as a handful of top-shelf components. Right: The tailsection of the GTM02 integrates brake lights and blinkers into the frame loop.Morgan Gales

The idea is that you bring any single-sided swingarm Guzzi manufactured from 2006–2017 to GuzziTech, throw Todd a cool $17,500, and he’ll build you a base GTM02. You’ve got options like the short tailsection, long tailsection, or bobber-style seat, as well as upgrading any of the components to the moon and back if you’ve got the coin. The “base model,” which is sort of a weird thing to refer to a wildly custom bike like this, would utilize many of the components of the bike brought in but build on them. Heads ported and polished, Race Tech internals for the inverted fork, custom intake, and exhaust, and much more. The gas tank of a Moto Guzzi V7 helps bring back some of the classic Guzzi lines of older models without interfering with the bike’s modern, high-performance vibe.

The base-model GTM02 based off of a Moto Guzzi Griso reduces weight by up to 150 pounds and lowers the center of gravity.Morgan Gales

The tubular chassis for the GTM02 is made in-house by Todd and stays pretty close to geometry of the old Tonti frames, similar to the geometry of the Griso but with one less degree of rake and a lower center of gravity. Overall weight is reduced by 125 to 150 pounds, depending on the parts chosen, but the reduction and redistribution of weight are so noticeable that the GTM02 feels like a totally new bike. The backbone of the frame leaves enough room for a supercharger under the gas tank if the customer so desires, which would tack on an extra $7,500 as well as a healthy amount of horsepower. Rizoma handlebars, levers, and mirrors all add to the bike’s high-end feel as well.

Rizoma components at the bar add to the GTM02’s high-end feel.Morgan Gales

The first batch of GTM02s are ready to ride at the GuzziTech shop in Los Angeles and we can't wait to throw a leg over one soon. Be sure to check out for more information on this new custom production model.

Todd Eagan’s custom chassis designed and built for the GTM02.Barry Hathaway