GPS Snitch - Big Security

LoJack has owned the vehicle-tracking market for decades. The problem is you have to rely on the cops to activate it if your bike's snatched. Now, though, you can do your own sleuthing with the GPS Snitch, a wireless vehicle tracking solution that combines high-sensitivity GPS technology with the wireless data capabilities of a cell phone. The company says the GPS Snitch is self-contained, requires no installation and is small enough to be hidden within any car, motorcycle or ATV. Simply arm the Snitch, hide it and then track it in real time through or via text message from a mobile phone. GPS Snitch's battery lasts up to seven days and can also be hardwired to your vehicle's power supply. GPS Snitch also allows users to import their history into Google Earth and relive past destinations in 3-D. Find this cool system at and for $399 MSRP (plus fees for the tracking service).