Fred Krugger's Supercharged SR400

High-powered Yamaha Yard Built single from Krugger Motorcycles

Not all bikes are meant to go fast. From the factory, the Yamaha SR400's appeal does not lie with it's speed. It is simple, clean, old school. It is reliable, and good looking. Put in the hands of Fred Krugger, all of these things still hold true, this one's just faster than hell.

Krugger SR400 yard built
Clip on handlebars on Krugger's SR400Staff

We were able to catch up with Fred Krugger (no relation to the guy that may or may not haunt your dreams), and ask him a few questions at this year's Wheels and Waves in Biarritz, France.

Krugger yard built SR400
Krugger Yard Built SR400 exhaust detailstaff
yard built sr400 krugger
Krugger's SR400 right side detailstaff
krugger sr400 tail section
Kruger Motorcycles' sr400 tail section detailstaff
krugger sr400 headlight cowl
Krugger's SR400 handlebars and headlight cowlstaff
Krugger's supercharged sr400
Supercharger on the Yard Built SR400staff

Enjoy this custom bike and stay tuned for more interviews from Wheels and Waves!