Evaluation: Eagle One Wax As-U-Dry

Make washing and waxing your motorcycle a single step. By _ Art Friedman.

Can it really be this simple? You wash off your bike (or car), spray some of this stuff sparingly on the wet vehicle, and then dry it off to leave a smooth waxed finish.

The answer seems to be yes. We have been using Eagle One's Wax-As-You-Dry for a couple of weeks now and have to say that it works pretty much as claimed. You wash your bike in the usual manner -- out of direct sunlight and when the surfaces are cool -- then, after shaking up the bottle, lightly spray the still-wet surfaces you want to wax with Wax As-U-Dry, and wipe off the water/wax mixture with a clean, dry, absorbent towel, leaving a nicely waxed finish. (Eagle One says you can also use a chamois, but we haven't tried that.) You don't have to get it absolutely dry to get a smooth, spot-free finish.

The wax isn't as heavy as a paste or other thick wax, but the gloss is bright and leaves a nice, smooth surface. Most impressive on paint, it also does a great job on all other motorcycle surfaces (except leather) that we applied it to, from vinyl to bare metal. It doesn't leave chrome looking as deep as a dedicated polish, but it does give it a smooth, clear finish. Wax As-U-Dry also doesn't leave a white residue in crevices or discolor black plastic or rough surfaces the way many waxes do. It also doesn't leave smudges on windshields, instrument faces or car windows.

Using Wax As-U-Dry adds virtually no time to a bike wash and eliminates the wax step entirely. An 18-ounce spray bottle lists for $5.00 on Eagle One's website and we have also found it at auto parts stores. The bottle should be good for more than 20 bike washes if you use it as sparingly as we did and as Eagle One recommends.

Eagle One
PO Box 14000
Lexington, KY 40512
(800) 4-EAGLE1
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