Drag Racing at the American Victory Rally

American Muscle at Bandimere Speedway

Victory isn't holding back. They are on the forefront of American Muscle and they want the world to know it. Going after the biggest races in the world (Pike's Peak, Isle of Man, etc.), they have been picking up an incredible amount of steam and don't show any signs of letting off.

Last week at the American Victory Rally at Bandimere Speedway outside of Denver, Colorado, Victory brought out their best and baddest. Both in the sense of bikes and their riders. Joe Vertical and Tony Carbajal were out showing the crowds how to stunt on a couple supercharged Victory baggers and some stock Gunners before heading down to the drags and giving them a shot. As one might expect from the burnout kings: there was a little more tire spin than we like to see on the strip. But after a couple practice runs the guys were ripping down the road like naturals.

It wasn't until Isle of Man podium winner Lee Johnston saddled up on his winning electric bike that things got really serious. Well, as serious as they can with Lee, that guy is one hell of a personality and quite the joker. His first run ended short with him getting a little distracted by a young and attractive photographer on the sidelines, but he got her number so it was "totally worth it". Pulling speeds of over 140mph at the end of the quarter mile: Lee and the Victory electric race prototype were blowing us all away. All of us except for Matt and Angie Smith, Victory's husband and wife Pro NHRA Drag team. Obviously the Smiths, being the only ones on proper drag bikes, put everything else that touched the strip that day to shame.

The American Victory Rally was truly an exhibition of American Muscle in a way we had never seen before. Victory is doing some amazing things and pushing the envelope. If you're looking for new things in the American motorcycle industry: stay tuned in to Victory.

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