Destination: Two Wheels Only Motorcycle Resort

Cagers need not apply

Looking for a place to rest your road-weary bones? Look no further than the rolling green hills of North Georgia and the inviting Two Wheels Only Motorcycle Resort. They'll take your cold, your tired and your huddled masses, but only, as the name implies, if they're on two wheels. Just ask, and convivial hosts GT and Britt Turner will happily inform you T.W.O. restricts guests to those who are riding or towing motorcycles.

Which is a good thing--the fine grub, live music (on weekends) and bucolic setting of this rustic compound result in a top-notch motorcycle haven. Because the location in Suches, Georgia, is off the beaten path, T.W.O. remains a pretty well-kept secret--unless you're a biker. Superb mountain roads and fantastic scenery in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest make it a destination for weekend rides. And off-road fanatics have hundreds of miles of forest roads to choose from, some just minutes from the lodge.

Passengers won't be bored, either--the Appalachian Trail is two miles away, and whitewater rafting, horseback riding, rock climbing and canoeing are all within spitting distance. If you want to bed down for the night, the main lodge has four bedrooms, or large campsites sprawled near a rushing stream offer fire pits and tables. And riders and non-riders alike will dig the motorcycle paraphernalia adorning the walls of the communal eating area. You can revel in the fact that your four-wheeled friends will never see it...--AC

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