Dab Motors Futurizes A Yamaha XSR900

Dab Motors decided to explore the possibilities of tomorrow with its “Alter” Yamaha XSR900

After acquiring a Yamaha XSR900, Simon Dabadie, the founder of Dab Motors, put his knowledge of technology into high gear.Courtesy of Yamaha Motor Corp.

Yeah, we took some artistic license with the title of this Yamaha XSR900 story. Maybe not as big a stretch as labeling this machine a cruiser, but since we're going there anyway, why not go a little further? Dab Motors didn't reinvent the bike but it did bring its own sense and sensibility to what this motorcycle could look like later down the line. I'd say that qualifies as applying your imagination in way that predicts the future. At least it's better than trusting that damn 8 Ball with the little blue window on it.

Simon Dabadie, the founder of Dab Motors, felt an affinity for the XSR900 from the moment Yamaha introduced it to the world. With its mix of modern and retro design, nimble handling, and a sporty engine packed with character, he knew it would be more than a match for a futuristic concept.

Dabadie used manufacturing machines to produce the high-quality and ultra-durable 3-D-printed aluminum rear subframe, upper triple clamp, handlebar risers, and headlight holders.Courtesy of Yamaha Motor Corp.

"I think Yard Built is often seen as the place where we honor the past, and maybe rightly so," said Antoine Clémot, Yamaha Motor Europe motorcycle product manager. "Yamaha has such a rich past with iconic designs and techniques to draw from. But we also use it as a laboratory of sorts. There's room to innovate, to play with minimalist aesthetics and new ideas. So seeing a build like this is incredible. Dab Motors is embracing technology that is light-years ahead of so many other builders, and that's thrilling to see and exciting to be a part of. The design is amazing, the bike really looks like something out of a science fiction film. But the processes that went into making it, that's what has blown me away."

With data built from his modeling techniques and schematics created in a virtual workspace, he set robots to work on forging his mechanical marvel.Courtesy of Yamaha Motor Corp.

“In a world driven by technology, we don't have to be stuck in the old days with old ways of working,” Dabadie commented. “We should explore every possibility by using new technologies and be inspired by them. We want to stimulate people’s curiosity by using new kinds of materials, by being critical, and by testing every idea that we have. It’s about not limiting yourself and opening your mind to potentially revolutionary ways of doing things. Three-D design, virtual engineering, 3-D simulation, rendering; these are all things we explore and things we have seen incredible results with. By looking to the future, we can focus on creating enhanced motorcycles. This will change how we create and customize a motorcycle. We now have unlimited means of creation that wouldn't be possible with traditional processes.”

The “Alter” also features ultra-light, sustainable flax fiber bodywork fresh out of the lab.Courtesy of Yamaha Motor Corp.
The exhaust system is a collaborative creation by Dab Motors and a trusted partner, and suspension from industry-giant Öhlins (NIX 30 fork cartridge kit and STX 46 shock absorber) completes the build to make this a high-performance motorcycle sent back in time from the 22nd century.Courtesy of Yamaha Motor Corp.
The lighting system pushes the boundaries of technology with a smart LED array controlled by an Arduino microcontroller board.Courtesy of Yamaha Motor Corp.
Rizoma handlebars, grips, brake reservoirs, and mirrors are among the featured components.Courtesy of Yamaha Motor Corp.
Brembo brake components increase stopping power as well.Courtesy of Yamaha Motor Corp.
Using 3-D modeling and advanced rendering techniques, Dabadie designed his custom XSR in an almost entirely digital world.Courtesy of Yamaha Motor Corp.

For more information on this innovative custom build from Dab Motors, visit here.