The Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama, Japan, is one of the most incredible custom shows in the world, bringing the best and wildest customs from all over the world to Japan for a one-day show. One glorious day of exhibiting everything, but for many of the people there, that's a whole lot of work for just the one show day. So this year, Go Takamine of Bratstyle organized a flat-track race to coincide with the custom show, the Okie Dokie Race.

From choppers to minibikes and all sorts of bikes in between, everyone brought out their gorgeous motorcycles and threw them into the corners like they hadn’t put hundreds of hours into building and restoring them. It was incredible to see some of our favorite bikes from the show, and some of our favorite builders from the show, out there giving it their all. Something inherently mischievous and exciting about riding bikes in a manner so far from that which they were intended for.

Be sure to check out our gallery of our favorite bikes from the Mooneyes Yokohama show!

Riders came from all over the world to attend the HRCS and Okie Dokie racesHermann Köepf
Big Scott from Cycle Zombies ready to rideHermann Köepf
There was plenty of eye candy in the pits, especially around the Bratstyle boothHermann Köepf
A rider in Bratstyle gear catching the checkered flag after her win!Hermann Köepf
Another classic H-D ready for the tankshift classHermann Köepf
Just your typical flat track racing 6-bend rabbit bars, right?Hermann Köepf
Like the front helmet says, having fun was the main goal of everyone on the track, and one that was absolutely achievedHermann Köepf
Not your typical flat track racing bikes, but then again, there wasn't a whole lot of "typical," going on at the Hot Rod Custom ShowHermann Köepf
Mack lining up at the starting lineHermann Köepf
Mack on his winning H-DHermann Köepf
Mack waving the checkered flag after a winHermann Köepf
If nobody lays it down, they're not trying hard enoughHermann Köepf
Looks like someone lost a gas capHermann Köepf
An old Flathead ready to race in the tankshift classHermann Köepf
The molding and paint on this Panhead made us a little weak in the kneesHermann Köepf
Attire ranged from classic gear that matched the bikes, to more modern, protective race gearHermann Köepf
Dickies and Vans–gotta love that SoCal style in JapanHermann Köepf
Racers on the starting line, ready to rumbleHermann Köepf
Tankshift class set up at the starting lineHermann Köepf
Trackside H-D prepped and ready to race with the rider's hot shoe nearbyHermann Köepf
Priceless turn of the century motorcycles being raced with little to no regard for their worth of historical significance–we love it!Hermann Köepf
West Ride's track prep before the raceHermann Köepf
The West Ride team ready to rock on an Indian FlatheadHermann Köepf