The Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama is one of the best custom shows in the world. Insane hot-rod cars and bikes of all kinds are brought to the port city outside of Tokyo for this one-day event, showcasing some of the most unique talents in both the car and motorcycle worlds. While there are hundreds of thousands of dollars poured into single machines that line the rows, there is something about minibikes that captures our imagination and gets us so excited. They’re small, approachable, affordable, and a great way to showcase creative talent without a lot of money.

This year, organized around the Mooneyes event, there were several flat-track races taking place, namely the “Have Fun!” horizontal-engine races, showcasing smaller-engined bikes, many of which are shown here in this gallery.

The bikes ranged from full frame-up customs like the ones constructed by Cheetah, to modified originals like the raked and extended orange Honda trailbike pictured. Every one of them a rad little representation of their owner’s creativity. I don’t know about you, but I got on Craigslist and started looking up minis as soon as I got home.

One of two mini flat-track racers built by Cheetah.Morgan Gales
The Gorilla roadster minibike.Morgan Gales
The second of Cheetah's two small-engine flat-trackers.Morgan Gales
Honda Motocompo with the engine swapped for a Kawasaki 150cc two-stroke! Now that's one rowdy minibike.Morgan Gales
Hot Dock's speedway-style racebike.Morgan Gales
Inuchopper's horizontal engine flat-track racer.Morgan Gales
Long and low—try to imagine the stance of a rider on this mini…Morgan Gales
Duck Tail's minibike blends modern flat-track style with a little chopper edge.Morgan Gales
Go Takamine's mini Honda built almost 20 years ago.Morgan Gales
A Honda Monkey with lots of custom flair.Morgan Gales
A chopped-out Honda trailbike.Morgan Gales
A well-restored H-D minibike from the AMF era.Morgan Gales
Buddy's racebike for the Have Fun horizontal engine races.Morgan Gales
Chip MC's splatter-paint racer.Morgan Gales