Custom Kings: Lakeshore H-D

Diablo Rojo

harley custom sportster march madness
Meet the Red Devil.Courtesy of Harley-Davidson

Diablo Rojo (Red Devil) is a pretty cool name for pretty much anything not related to feminine hygiene products. Lakeshore Harley-Davidson created the Custom Kings Sportster that bears that moniker. Like its namesake, the bike has evil in its very nature. “Our Team leader was looking for something tall and aggressive-looking,” the dealership tells us. “With motocross in mind that was the direction we headed.”

The bike survived the first three rounds of popular voting but will it win the crown? The field has diminished from 64, to 32, to 16 so far. We'll keep you posted as the contest continues each week. You'll find Diablo Rojo and the rest of its Custom Kings competition on the official contest page. Voting continues for the current round until Tuesday, when the field of sixteen Sportsters narrows to eight for the following round. Harley-Davidson's Custom Kings vote-off competition ends April 12th.

harley custom sportster march madness
Diablo Rojo doesn't exactly lack for anger in the looks department...Courtesy of Harley-Davidson