Scott Dolan's Custom 2001 Yamaha Road Star Silverado

Nose to the Grimstone

Custom 2001 Yamaha Road Star Silverado
Scott Dolan's Grimstone is a 180-horsepower beast.James Brown

This article was originally published in the October 2002 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser.

Scott Dolan’s a big guy. He’s easily six and a half feet tall, with a huge laugh and a grin to match. It stands to reason then, that he would get himself the biggest V-twin cruiser in production at the time he was shopping. But his 2001 Yamaha Road Star Silverado stayed stock, until Dolan finally uncovered a blower for it. Then, before you could say “MagnaCharger,” the big man had made big plans to take his bike from mild-mannered to supernova.

Custom 2001 Yamaha Road Star Silverado
The carbs are modified with beefier 45mm Mikuni and are massaged by an adjustable Dyna 2000 ignition module.James Brown

Dolan dubbed the 180-horsepower beast Grimstone, after his hard-charging rock band. But the rangy cruiser says it all really began after he spied Scott Britt's rippling Roadster in Motorcycle Cruiser (December 2000). Dolan became entranced with that custom's chubby 230 size rear tire and made a pilgrimage to Britt Motorsports in North Carolina in search of a similar look. Swayed by the persuasive Scott Britt, who offered to do paint and body work, and designer Mark Roberts, Dolan agreed to upgrade to a 240-series rear tire and never looked back.

“I wanted it low and thick and superfast,” says Dolan, so the bike was lowered, with a rigid frame for more stability and a menacing crouch. The beefy rear rubber, meanwhile, demanded a special custom swing arm design from the boys at Britt’s. The 240 Metzeler was eventually mounted on RC Components’ Slash aluminum wheel in back, stopped by Performance Machine brakes on a modified bracket. The front disc was shod with low profile 21” Avon rubber.

The cylinders, heads and valves on Grimstone are bone stock, but after that the power party begins in earnest. Carburetion’s been modified with a beefier 45mm Mikuni massaged by an adjustable Dyna 2000 ignition module. And then there’s the supercharger—a K&N filter and chromed velocity stacks from Baron’s integrated into MagnaCharger’s Hot Rod billet blower. The metallic sculpture is one of the first built for Yamaha Road Stars.

Custom 2001 Yamaha Road Star Silverado
The clutch was swapped for a Barnett's high-performance clutch and a 240-series rear tire was also added to the beast.James Brown

Since 180 is a lot of horses, Dolan swapped in Barnett’s high-performance clutch to handle the whole herd better. And Grimstone’s mufflers probably won’t do much muffling; they’re Stubbies drag pipes from Bubs.

The low-and-thick theme continued with the addition of wide HM billet triple trees from Seeger Cycle. The front fender was shaved to fit the dimensions, and the rear fender was utterly reworked with new seat framework. A steel Milwaukee Iron fender was modified to absorb an inset Corbin custom alligator seat, and the fuel tank shaped to wrap around the seat flanks. Southern Plating added chrome details, and a Baron drag bar offered Dolan leverage. A sleek Tradewinds headlight completed the profile. Finishing touches came from Britt and associate Mike Baumgartner, who meticulously applied lavish Pearl Yellow Metallic and a purple lacquer to shine the supercharged sled.

The Yamaha took second place in this year’s Rat’s Hole show in Daytona, and the year of assembly time and heaps of cash required (Dolan estimates over $40k) to get there hasn’t dampened Dolan’s enthusiasm for Grimstone; “I’m just going to alot of shows and having a good time. I’m real proud of it!” You can’t ask for a bigger payoff than that.