What is it with Triumph this week? First the new Bonnie/Thruxton bikes, then the new Nightstorm, and now a 10th anny Rocket X. Ease off the Red Bull throttle there, Triumph. I can only cut-and-paste press releases so fast.

Launched in 2004 and continually developed since, Triumph's Rocket Ill has made a name for itself as a heavy hitter. With its 2.294cc three-cylinder engine sitting in line with the chassis, the Rocket X is home to (according to Triumph) the world's largest production motorcycle engine. And now, the Limited Edition Rocket X celebrates the Rocket turning the big 1-0.

Production is limited to 500 motorcycles, each with individually numbered side panels and billeted aluminum name badge. Somewhere in the world, a name badge company is very happy with a certain Brit bike manufacturer right now. Here are some of the other key features according to Triumph.

  • For the Rocket X, Triumph went to premium custom paint specialists 8-Ball to create a scheme that truly sets this bike apart and that would make every one of the 500 Limited Edition bikes unique.

  • Blackened components including exhaust, handlebars, and mirrors for the customized look

  • Black wheels with hand painted silver pinstripe

The new Rocket X will be available at Triumph dealerships beginning in March 2015.