2011 Star Stryker | Long-Term Bikes

MSRP: $11,240
Caretaker: Bartels
Measurements: 6 Ft./190 lbs./33-in. inseam
Odometer: 1753
Miles this cycle: 404

I feel like I spent no time on the Stryker since the last update. Between lots of downtime for mods and an equal time down for weird battery issues, the bike’s been in the shop constantly.

Something I failed to mention in the first update (since it seemed like a freak occurrence), is that this bike likes to be ridden… as in, if you don’t, the battery dies. A couple of weeks at Vance and Hines (V&H;) getting pipes and a tune, and the battery was almost entirely dead. When a charge didn’t fix it, we sent for a new battery. The new battery solved the problem.

While attempting to limp around on the first fried battery, we noticed that modern bikes might have enough to turn the starter, but between the fuel pump and all the other electronics, that’s not really enough to run the bike…or at least make it idle smoothly. The new battery made it run right.

However, now the rough idle is back, though it starts right up every time. So clearly there’s something going on with either the charging system, or some deeper electrical issue on the machine. We’ll figure it out next issue.

Besides playing with the battery, we also started our conversion from blue and chrome to blue and black. Star sent us parts from the black version of the bike, and some from their extensive catalog of in-house aftermarket parts. We also added a pair of Arlen Ness mirrors in black, and a leather tank bra, but the coolest pieces are the black and polished wheels and rear pulley.

The Stryker also scored comfort upgrades. A small shield (big enough to break the wind, but not big enough to look dorky), a firm stitched seat, and a small engine guard were bolted on. The removable sissy bar had some fitment issues, not seeming to line up with the faux fender struts in place. We’ll investigate further.

The current fuel map in the V&H Power Pak has a vicious hit right off idle, which is fun when I’m solo around town, but not so fun on a twisty road with a passenger. And it’s not very cruiser-y, either. I’m going to take it back to see if we can mellow it out some.

Meanwhile the battery issue seems to be evening out with constant riding. What can we say? The bike wants to be ridden.

(all accessories are Star pieces unless noted)

Star Accessories Custom Rear Pulley, Midnight $549.95
Custom Rear Wheel, Midnight $1599.95
Engine Guards–Midnight $201.95
Solo Seat $309.95
Pillion Pad $229.95
Front Wheel–Midnight $1349.95
Boulevard Windshield– Midnight $179.95
Quick Release Passenger Backrest–Midnight $304.95
Passenger Backrest Pad $89.95
Mini Tank Cover $58.96
Bars $224.00
Front Pulley Cover $75.72
Arlen Ness RAD III Teardrop Mirrors, Die-Cast Stem–Black $139.90
Total $5313.31