Craigslist Custom Challenge!

Who can find the craziest, most far-out Craigslist custom motorcycle!

bad Craigslist custom motorcycle
"Custom" gas tank on a Craigslist bike, with exhaust heat shields 1/2 off! Still listed for over $2kCraigslist

"Runs great, needs TLC,"

"Runs perfect, needs new battery, needs carb cleaned,"

"Too many custom parts to list, all work done by professional, no paperwork,"

Or any of the other complete BS lines you see all over Craigslist all the time. If you've spent time on the ole digital classifieds, you are familiar with variety of bikes, both good and bad that sit on that site. Most of them are listed for WAY over what they should be, and most of them seem to be done by some guy in his backyard with a grinder and a hot glue gun.

KZ400 custom swingarm
Kawasaki KZ400 custom, posted up on Craigslist for over $6kCraigslist

The Challenge:

Go on to your local Craigslist, type in 'Custom,' or 'Home Custom' or any other words or combination that may pull up some of the unholy abominations that lie dormant within the pages of these classifieds. Good or bad, cheap and classy or ugly as sin. Send your results to

We will pick the best/ worst of these bikes and post them up to a gallery next week, sending out prizes to the winners!

Craigslist chopper
When you need to live that chopper life, but can only afford a Hardly.Craigslist

We wish you all happy hunting! If your time spent on CL is anything like ours, it shouldn't take you long to find something interesting!