Checking out Brat Style with Yamaha Faster Sons

Getting a look inside Go Takamine's Long Beach shop

Wait a sec.. That BSA says Yamaha on the engine... (Yamaha SR by Go Takamine)Staff

"Brat" is a term that has been thrown around more and more in recent years, even if most of the time it is inaccurate. Heck, even we have been guilty of calling a Triumph with a custom flat seat and a few other touches a "brat," but we have seen the error in our ways. In reality, Brat Style is Go Takamine and his shops in Long Beach and Japan.

Go's style is unique and much more easily spotted than defined. It is very rarely clean and polished. It doesn't tend to have that fast or aggressive look. What it does have, it more soul and pure style than you're likely to find on any bike built in the last 40 years. The details on his bikes stand out so strongly; each one looks like it was someone's baby for years and years. Like it was the bike that someone rebuilt with their father when they were a teenager, but they then kept into their adulthood because of the sentimental value. Like I said, these things have soul.

Old BMW Airhead by Brat StyleStaff

After unveiling Go's Yamaha SCR950 Yard Built Scrambler at AIMExpo last month, they invited us to the Brat Style shop in Long Beach to see the next installment in the Faster Sons Legacy. Be sure to check out the wicked SCR950 by Jeff Palhegyi Designs HERE. But we were just enamored with all of the cool old stuff laying around the shop, and the wicked old bikes he had in there.

Here is a little gallery of some of the cool stuff we saw sitting around the shop, and the wicked new SCR from JPD Cycles.

Be sure to check out more of the awesome work from Go Takamine and Brat Style HERE!

Jeff Palhegyi Design's Yamaha SCR950Staff
Flathead Indian by Brat StyleStaff
Brat Style Pan-ShovelheadStaff
Brat Style PanheadStaff
Cobra paint on a Panhead chopperStaff
The Cobra Panhead from the sideStaff
Brat Style IndianStaff
Brat Style IndianStaff