British Customs Street Twin - Tracker Project

BC makes building your custom Triumph easy and affordable

triumph tracker
British Custom's street tracker Street TwinStaff

British Customs is taking all the guess work out of customizing your Triumph. Blinkers that you can install in minutes and plug straight into the factory wiring. Little covers and doodads that go on in seconds and add a little custom style and flare. Basically, you can start with a bone stock Triumph, and turn it into this bad boy in little more than an afternoon.

British Customs Triumph
British Customs seat for Triumph Street Twin - $389.95Staff

Renthal Fatbars and custom levers add a good performance feel to the bike at the bars. The seat changes up the stance completely, sitting just a little bit higher than the stock cradle. The headlight mounting system is subtle enough to look stock, but those in the know, know. The short drag style exhaust is an easy install that looks like straight shots, and add a clean low-slung look to the bike.

Triumph British Customs tapered bars
Renthal tapered Fatbars with British Customs risersStaff

The way they have designed these parts, just about anyone that can turn a wrench can install most all of them. Designed to plug and play, with quick and easy installations at your home garage. If you have a Triumph that you're looking to mix up a little bit, be sure to check out BC and their line of parts.

Street Twin lighting
Street Twin Lighting mountsStaff
Street twin straight pipes
Brushed drag tips for Street Twin - $324.95Staff
Part Number Name - Price
BC601-012-B Solid Black Fork Brace - $224.95
BC501-026-B Front Factory Location Plug and Play Turn Signals - $89.95
BC501-028-B Rear Shock Mount Location Plug and Play Turn SIgnals - $79.95
BC504-003-B Headlight Ears - $179.95
BC509-006 Flat Guage Bracket - $49.95
BC709-001-GB Remote Reservoir - $109.99
CL02-013B Renthal Fat Bar - $89.95
AC07-062-B Oury Grips - $20.00
BC305-014 Four Bolt Risers - $149.95
BC902-055-BR Street Twin Cat Back Drag Pipe Straight Cut - $324.95
BC902-067-BR Street Twin Cat Back Drag Pipe Turnout - $349.95
BC805-001-PF ACG Badge - $49.95
BC805-002-PF Clutch Badge - $64.95
BC304-004-B Off-Road Foot Pegs Solid - $119.95
BC304-011-B Rider Clevis - $54.95
BC304-012-B Passenger Clevis - $54.95
DT-13-018 DID Gold Chain - $162.95
BC705-003-40-R Retro Rear Sprocket, black - $69.95
BC201-012-B Shock Bolt Dress Up Kit - $34.95
TBD Fender Eleminator Kit w/ cateye light and License Plate bracket - TBD
BC201-004-B Control Clamps - $54.95
BC407-036-B Slammer Seat - $389.95
BC104-001-B Hex Oil Plug - $39.95

Head over to to see their full line of parts as well as their clothing and custom builds!