Biker Gear Club Unboxing

Opening up a quarterly subscription box full of biker goodies

It seems like as soon as I type the words “subscription box” into my browser, I get 100 ads for them on Facebook. From dog toys to “dapper men’s accessories,” there really is one for everything—but there’s a reason they’ve been so successful. Buying in bulk, they can get discounts and deals on things that might cost you more, and they have people out there looking for rad stuff you may not find on your own. I was skeptical, for sure, but wanted to check out a motorcycle-specific gear box on my own and see exactly what was included here.

Biker Gear Club was the box I saw that seemed to have some cool stuff I would actually use. Looking through the site, they asked enough questions and got specific enough for me to think they might actually know what they're doing here. I filled out the form on their website, specifying that I wear a size large, am a man, own a Harley-Davidson, and do a bit of my own maintenance. This is what they sent me:

  • One Harley-Davidson quilted, insulated jacket

  • One pair of H-D leather gloves

  • CruzTools air pressure gauge

  • CruzTools H-D-specific tool kit

  • CruzTools 1/4-in. T-drive

  • One Biker Gear Club patch and some stickers

  • Set of Bullet Valve Caps

  • One can of MOC Parts Wash

  • One issue of Hot Bike magazine

  • One issue of Meta magazine

I’m pretty impressed! I actually really like everything in the box. The jacket fits well, the gloves are pretty simple and cool, the tools are all things I will actually use—hell the CruzTools H-D kit is something I have been thinking about getting myself for a while! All in, I am pleasantly surprised and would say this is a great gift option for the moto-nerd you’re buying for this holiday season.

Check out for more info, and we hope to have a monthly video for you soon!