Big Bear Choppers Weighs in On Helmetless Riding and Accidents

A series of motorcycle accidents have brought new attention to helmet laws-and attracted the attention of companies like Big Bear Choppers.

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif., July 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The State of Michigan has recently released a sobering set of statistics, illuminating the importance of helmets for motorcyclists. The report, which draws on data from more than 700 motorcycle accidents, finds that failure to wear a helmet significantly increases the risk of fatality or serious injury-hardly surprising, but that news has nevertheless reignited the debate over whether bike enthusiasts should be subject to "helmet laws." As lawmakers around the country wrestle with this issue, however, motorcycle professionals are weighing in with thoughts of their own-including the pros that work at Big Bear Choppers.

Big Bear Choppers is a premier designer and manufacturer of custom-built choppers and bikes, located in California. The company has responded to the new helmet report with a press statement of its own.

For Big Bear Choppers' own Kevin Alsop, the matter is clear. In the company's new press statement, Alsop gives simple advice to his fellow motorcycle enthusiasts: "Wear a helmet." He continues by sharing a story from his own life. "I used to wear a bucket helmet, and fortunately I never went down with it on. When I put a 145-inch motor in my Big Bear Chopper, I decided it was time to start wearing a full-face helmet."

Alsop continues, "In 2010, I hit a deer and then hit the ground so hard the front face piece broke off of my helmet. I remember my daughter holding the broken piece and the enormity of what could have happened hit as hard as I'd hit that deer. Again, if you're riding, wear a helmet!"

The report from Michigan notes that, while many bikers wear full-face helmets during the winter months, many tend to peel these off as weather gets nicer, making summer particularly dangerous. The statistics from Michigan show that more than a quarter of helmetless motorcyclists who are in accidents suffer "incapacitating" injuries; that figure is lower for those who wear helmets.

The report also notes that accidents and injuries are ultimately more likely to happen on weekends and during the summer months.

Big Bear Choppers has been building custom motorcycles since its founding in 1998. Based in San Bernardino, California, the company is nationally known for both designing and manufacturing its bikes. Big Bear Choppers prides itself in maximizing reliability, affordability, and style in all of its bikes. In addition to a large fleet of unique vehicles, the company also sells a variety of biker gear and other products.