Battle of the Kings: Challenge 48

Old meets new in this Sportster Forty-Eight from H-D Rotterdam

Harley-Davidson has been blending old and new styles since well before I was born. Every motorcycle that rolls out of their factory has some sort of homage to their rich past, while still keeping up with the times. The Challenge 48 from H-D Rotterdam in the Netherlands takes that same stance in their approach to the Battle of the Kings. Does it have what it takes to take the title? That's up to you and your vote.

'Challenge 48" by H-D RotterdamH-D Rotterdam

I instantly recognized the art deco design of the 1933 Harley-Davidson Flathead on the tank, one of my favorite H-D designs of all-time and an iconic tank for the Motor Company. A high 2-1 pipe holds an aggressive line, and the fishtail exhaust tip is another throwback. A whole slew of bolt on trim accessories were installed from the rocker boxes to the derby and timing covers.

Forward controls and the dual 16" wheels were kept from the original Sportster Forty-Eight, but Ape Hangers and a solo seat were swapped out to change the stance and really accentuate that bobber look. The tank has been Frisco'd or lifted up on the frame, and the stock fender has been replaces with a more traditionally bobber-style ducktail fender.

Fishtail exhaust pipe detail on the 'Challenge 48" by H-D RotterdamHarley-Davidson

Aside from the high likelihood of burning your leg on that pipe, this bike looks like a solid rider. To see more of the Sportsters in the Battle of the Kings lineup, head over to their site and cast your vote now!

'Challenge 48" by H-D RotterdamHarley-Davidson
Front view of the 'Challenge 48" by H-D RotterdamH-D Rotterdam
Tank and gauge detail on the 'Challenge 48" by H-D RotterdamHarley-Davidson