Bates Boots Gets Military Contract

Motorcycle boot manufacturer awarded contract for Marine Corps footwear

Bates Footwear, maker of premium PowerSports footwear, has announced it has been awarded a five-year contract to manufacture tactical footwear for the United States Marine Corps (USMC).

The new Temperate Weather boot is an update to a similar boot that Bates manufactured for the USMC from 2007 to 2014, and each boot is constructed with Vibram “Sierra” soles for superior grip and increased longevity. These boots will be manufactured in their facility in Big Rapids, Michigan and will be constructed of 100% American-made materials. Along with providing reliable, quality footwear to the men and women who serve this country, the contract will also support jobs in Big Rapids and will fortify Michigan’s manufacturing sector.

Bates Temperate Weather Marine Corps Boots
Bates Temperate Weather Boots for the US Marine CorpsBates Boots

“We are extremely proud to be continuing our relationship with the United States Marine Corps,” said Bates Footwear Marketing Director, Julie McCauley. “In addition to the manufacturing boost for our Big Rapids facility, this reinforces our position as an authority in technical footwear, whether it be for troops on the ground or for motorcyclists.”

Bates Footwear entered the PowerSports footwear arena in 2015, showcasing its 130 year heritage as a leading supplier of uniform footwear to all branches of the United States military. Bates is dedicated to providing footwear that offers protection, performance and comfort. It was on this foundation that the 2016 PowerSports Footwear line was built, and on which future PowerSports products will be based.

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