Bartels' H-D 25th Anniversary

Normally I'm not one to give in to temptations of nepotism, but for this I'll make an exception. Back in December of 1983 my parents opened up a little 6,000 square foot Harley-Davidson shop in downtown Culver City (The Heart of Screenland, and one of the zillion little cities in West LA County). 25 years later they have a 75,000 square foot shop that is the heart of Marina del Rey's Lincoln Boulevard Motorcycle Row. They celebrated the occasion with a party with most of my extended family, and a couple thousand of our closest friends. The party featured a band that's been around just as long, rocking at biker events, The Fryed Brothers. Congratulations to Bill and Merle Bartels (those would be my parents) and their partner Forrest Nolin. -BB