Are H-D CVO's Worth the Cost?

Would you buy a bike tricked out from the factory, or customize it yourself?

The 2017 CVO Limited shown with Palladium Silver and Phantom Blue w/ Wicked SapphireHarley-Davidson

Today lets look into the high dollar world of the CVO. For those who do not know CVO stands for Custom Vehicle Operation. This is a line of models from Harley-Davidson that come already decked out with bigger motors, more chrome, added P&A and custom paint.

Now of course all of these extra goodies don’t come cheap, the CVO Street Glide for example will run you a pretty penny totaling $37,799… and that is starting price (different paint schemes are more). A standard Street Glide will run you $20,999, starting, and a Street Glide Special will cost you $23,699, starting. That is one hell of a price jump for some extra chrome, paint and P&A.

If you look into it as a strictly financial standpoint, yes, it is worth. It is worth it in the sense that if you took a Standard or Special and tried to turn it into a CVO you would end up paying well over the CVO’s price tag. Also if you like the CVO paint you are screwed, Harley locks it down, the only way to purchase it is if you are a CVO owner and need replacement paint set due to damage or theft.

2017 Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide DashHarley-Davidson

In my opinion the CVO’s take away what makes Harley-Davidson ownership so great, making it one of a kind to your exact taste. If you fork over the money for a CVO you have someone else out there with the exact same bike as you. It also robs the owner of the joy of customizing their bike. Missing out on that feeling of giddiness when you hear the new exhaust for the first time, or go for a ride with your new handlebars for the first time.

Now obviously this is not important to all buyers, thus the CVO program flourishes. If you see one of the CVO’s and think to yourself, “this is exactly how I would customize a bike,” then you better buy it because you can’t duplicate it for less than the CVO price tag.

2017 Harely-Davidson CVO Street Glide in Candy Cobalt/Indigo Ink $37,799Harley-Davidson

So lets finish with this, even if you bought a CVO and loved everything about it, could you go the entire term of ownership without customizing it more or changing it up in some fashion? I don’t think I could, which means they get your big chunk for the bike, and more later when you decide to change it up. They will argue if you are buying a CVO you have the money to do this, which is true, I suppose. So I guess my final thoughts on it would have to be yes it is worth it, but not for everyone.