AMA Pro Hill Climb at Laconia Bike Week

Crazy hill climbing bikes rocketing up a massive dirt hill in Laconia

Laconia Motorcycle Week host a wide variety of moto-centric events. The day I showed up, they were hosting the AMA Pro Hillclimb, and it was my first time getting to witness such an event.

For starters, the hill they're climbing is massive. Huge jumps and step ups lead these riders up the incredibly steep, soft dirt hill. The bikes have radically extended swingarms and chains on the tires to help grip the soft-packed hill. Everything from dirt bikes with engines close to stock, to 2-stroke three-cylinder 1000cc snowmobile engines shoehorned into a motorcycle frame, went up the hill.

AMA Pro Hillclimb
The swingarms on these bikes are about twice as long as stockMorgan Gales

I think the biggest surprise for me, this being my first time at a race like this, was the amount of power and weight these bikes had. Many of them were running straight nitrous or alcohol. I guess I was expecting more dirt bike engines than the maniacal cackle of the 2-stroke triple.

It's nothing but good fun watching dirt fly and tires spin and the racers rocket to the top. If you have never had the chance to check out an AMA hillclimb, it's one hell of a show.