Alchemy Cycles 'Bonsai Bike'

BMX meets Sportster in the best way

The mom that agreed to this is a saint.

How small can you make a Sportster? Maik Morató Güell has asked this question before with Minibike 74 back in 2013, and now he's back to shrink things down even more. This time, with a very specific rider in mind.

Bonsai Bike
Alchemy Cycles 'Bonsai Bike' may be the smallest Sportster ever builtCustom Chrome

I'm not sure if the motivation lied with size or function, but the Sportster's unit transmission was swapped for an automatic Yamaha trans. This means quick shifting, and incredible ease of use (like.. good for kids). The back brake line looks like its about 3" long, reaching from the pedal on the rear axle to the master cylinder.

The clip-ons appear not to be really clipped onto anything, but rather mounted to the rigid forks through the neck. The goosenecked frame was handmade as tight as possible. A unit transmission would surely hit that rear tire.

bonsai bike sportster
Part BMX, part drag bike, the Bonsai is in a class of its own.Custom Chrome Europe

No front brakes, a sprotor (sprocket/ brake rotor combo) in the rear, and an automatic transmission all translates visibly into extreme minimalism. Nothing at the bars, hardly any visible fuel or oil lines, and almost nothing at the wheels.

Fitting somewhere between a board tracker, a drag bike, and a BMX bicycle, the Bonsai is wonderfully unique.

bonsai bike
The automatic transmission was taken from a Yamaha, saving space and eliminating the need for a shifter/ clutch leversCustom Chrome

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