Aerostich Triple Digit Motorcycle Rain Glove Covers

Finally, wet-weather overgloves for motorclists that don't bunch up or cramp your style. From the October 2001 issue of _ Motorcycle Cruiser _ magazine. **By [Jamie Elv

When I was asked to try these rain covers I was more than a bit skeptical.

I'd tried a bunch of motorcycle-oriented overgloves...usually for about three miles. They were always mitten-like and didn't let me properly control the throttle, brake and clutch. I'd rather have wet hands. But the finger split on this Gore-Tex pair was intriguing.

I cover the front brake and clutch levers with two fingers when I ride. Always. I rode with the Triple Digit overgloves just to try them out and found out they worked beautifully. When I was breaching a squall line in Oklahoma, my inner gloves didn't get wet at all, and I especially appreciated the overglove's long gauntlet, which cinches with a lockable drawstring. They kept my hands warm and I was able to keep my lightweight gloves on underneath.

My hands didn't feel clammy either, since the Gore-Tex allows sweat vapors to evaporate. A hook-and-loop wrist cinch kept them from sliding around like sleeping bags, and my hands felt in secure contact with the levers. Changing throttle position feels a little weird since the glove moves over your inner glove.

Gotta say though, I'm a believer.

Triple Digit overgloves come in two sizes: XL for use with winter gloves and L for regular gloves. Order them for $43 from Aerostich.

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