2020 Ducati Monster 1200 S Black On Black

The premium Monster goes completely dark for the new model year.

For the first time, you can get a Ducati Monster 1200 in black. Guess what it’s called? The Monster 1200 Black on Black.Courtesy of Ducati

Who doesn't know the Monster? Since its birth in 1993, it's been one of Ducati's most reliably popular models in whatever iteration it was being offered, appealing to Ducatisti, casual riders, and even hipsters alike. The Monster started life in 1993 with an air-cooled SOHC 900cc engine, single-handedly creating the sport naked category. It's been a classic ever since.

Even alternating gloss black and matte black livery can’t hide all the top-shelf components packed onto this 1200 S model, like the 11° Testastretta engine, fully adjustable Öhlins fork, Brembo brakes, and state-of-the-art electronic rider aids.Courtesy of Ducati

The Monster 1200 first appeared in 2014 with a premium S version coming in 2017, but it has never been available in all-black—so for the 2020 model year, Ducati decided to dunk the 1200 S in a barrel of black paint. And what's this model being called, officially? If you guessed Monster 1200 Black on Black, bravo. So there’s no red on it at all? There is, but it’s just a touch of crimson here and there; the Monster logo on the fuel tank, some tastefully restrained accents on two of the wheel spokes, a dash of color on the seat stitching, and the Brembo name on the calipers. That's it. It’s all a mix of moody matte and glossy black livery after that.

You still get flashes of Italian red on the blacked-out 1200 S, like on the wheels, tank logo, and saddle accents, and the 1200 S is also available in a red version for less cash.Courtesy of Ducati

The black color is pretty much the highlight reel for this 2020 model; the Monster 1200 S Black on Black—let’s call it BoB—still gets all the best bits from the Monster R, with the monstrous Testastretta 11° DS engine cranking out a claimed 147 hp, the ride-by-wire system and various rider aids like ABS Cornering, Traction Control, and Wheelie Control. The latest, fully adjustable Öhlins 48mm fork and Öhlins monoshock, along with Brembo 330mm twin rotors up front squeezed by M50 Monoblock four-piston calipers are all still in place too.

The newest Monster is moodier, but it’s still rocking that classic naked style. It runs $17,795 if you’re interested. (Hmm, that Monster 797 is looking better and better.)Courtesy of Ducati

Other premium touches on the BoB include Y-spoke wheels (with three Y-spokes), a carbon fiber front fender, a DRL-equipped headlight (Daytime Running Light), and LED indicators, with a Ducati quickshifter completing the list of standard equipment.

Just ’cause it’s blacked out doesn’t mean it’s cheap. The 2020 Ducati Monster Black on Black 1200 S rings in at $17,795—or $400 more than its Monster 1200 S stablemate in Ducati Red. If you’re still reading this, the BoB model will be in dealers this month. Yes, $18K is a lot of scratch, but if it makes you feel any better, that’s just a slight bump over last year's model.